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Conference organizers:

   Crane Softwrights Ltd.

   Document Engineering Services

Supporting organizations:


An EC decision on Oct. 31, 2014 designates OASIS UBL 2.1 a referable standard

Article 1 (EC Decision) "Universal Business Language version 2.1 developed by the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards is eligible for referencing in public procurement.":

OASIS Universal Business Language v2.1 defines a generic XML interchange format for procurement and transportation electronic business documents that can be restricted or extended to meet the requirements of particular industries:

UBL 2.1 defines 65 different document types such as purchase order, invoice, waybill, transportation status. All documents are based on a common library of business objects with which one can create their own document types to complement the UBL document types.

A free online browser-based tool for prototyping the structure of all 65 document types that is available here:

This free tool can give one a quick impression of the structure of any one of the documents.

Conference co-organizers are Softarc (Sweden), Document Engineering Services (Australia) and Crane Softwrights Ltd. (Canada). Supported by OASIS.

For information on hosting a UBL International event, please see the hosting details.

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