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Gold-level sponsors:


Silver-level sponsors:

   Doc on Time

   JustSystems Corporation

Bronze-level sponsors:


Conference organizers:

   Atenea Interactiva

   Invinet Sistemes

   Crane Softwrights Ltd.

Supporting organizations:


UBL International 2007 -

UBL International 2007 is in Madrid, Spain the week of October 1-5, 2007! Last year the inaugural event in Copenhagen Denmark was a tremendous success.

UBL International is a training summit bringing together worldwide Universal Business Language OASIS Standard expertise to deliver the following at two venues over the week:

  1. October 4: a full day of free symposium presentations at the Palacio de Congresos,

  2. October 1-3 and 5: full-day and half-day lectures and hands-on courses from commercial training companies at the Universidad Alfonso X, and

  3. in addition there is on Friday the IDABC meeting October 5 regarding, which is being supported by the organizers.

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For the symposium of presentations October 4, 2007 we hope to have sufficient sponsorship to offer free attendance. The attendance is "first come, first served" and is currently limited by available sponsorship. After the free attendance has been exhausted, the charge for the symposium day will be €100 per attendee.



Click here for details and training registration.


Current symposium free attendance limit: 100
(The symposium attendance limit is set by the number of sponsors who bulk-buy seats.)
When the free seats are filled up the charge will be €100 per seat. Attendees who are able to afford to pay the charge are invited to do so in order to free up seats for those who may not be able to pay the fee.
Registration is now open!

If you are considering sponsorship, please contact UBLInternational (at) as soon as possible; once the forum is filled there will be no more opportunities to buy seats. We are also looking for lesser sponsorships for conference incidentals (Internet access, conference bags, handout reproduction, etc.).

If you are unable to be a sponsor yourself, try to think of an organization who might be interested and tell them about the conference!

Please contact the conference organizers if you need to ask more direct questions.

Para ver esta información en español, por favor visite la página de la conferencia en

Anfitrión y co-organizador de la conferencia: Atenea Interactiva

Co-organizador: Subcomité de Localización Español de UBL (por favor, visite el sitio de la conferencia en español para mayor información)

Conference co-organizers: Invinet Sistemes (Spain), Eurobits (Spain), Crane Softwrights Ltd. (Canada).

For information on hosting a UBL International event, please see the hosting details.
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