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UBL International 2007 -

Gold sponsor focus: Mamut corporation

Using UBL documents actively in connecting SMEs and governments

The idea about connecting SMEs and governments is not new at all for Mamut Stellar Business. As a provider of ERP systems for SMEs in Denmark since 1991, Mamut Stellar Business, was one of the first movers when the Danish government introduced the e-Invoicing late 2004. Date for implementation by law was 1 February, 2005, and by then the Mamut Stellar Business software had a facility supporting this demand.

Since then, the Mamut Stellar Business platform has evolved in parallel with the project run by the National IT & Telecom Agency in Denmark. This means that the new formats and new infrastructure highway is being tested in one region in Denmark, interconnecting SMEs and governments. The user interface conceals all complexity so the user can focus everything else than handling his IT tools.

With a customer base of 10,000 users solely on the Mamut Stellar Business products more than 325,000 users on the entire Mamut platform which is represented in 16 European countries this solution has a great impact for the numerous representation of small and medium-sized businesses in Northern Europe.

The company behind Mamut Stellar Business is the Norwegian-owned Mamut. Founded in 1994, Mamut is a leading provider of complete, integrated software solutions and internet services for SMEs. Mamut offers complete and user-friendly solutions at the best value for money integrating CRM, sales force, logistics, accounting, e-commerce, domains, e-mail, web hosting and security.

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Para ver esta información en español, por favor visite la página de la conferencia en

Anfitrión y co-organizador de la conferencia: Atenea Interactiva

Co-organizador: Subcomité de Localización Español de UBL (por favor, visite el sitio de la conferencia en español para mayor información)

Conference co-organizers: Invinet Sistemes (Spain), Eurobits (Spain), Crane Softwrights Ltd. (Canada).

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